Everyone is worried about the Covid-19 and now more than ever people are worried about cleanliness, with the motoring press https://www.autotrader.co.uk/content/features/cleaning-your-car publishing advice on car cleaning in relation to coronavirus

Air Conditioning

Summer in just round the corner and keeping your Air Con clean and fresh is also part of the service we offer, changing the pollen filter and sanitising the evaporator killing off any nasty bugs and smells in your air conditioning.

We can top up your aircon with gas, repair any faults and make sure its clean and fresh so you can make those essential trips in a cool, clean and fresh environment.

Car Cleaning

Keeping your car looking nice and has always been important to keep its value and for it to be a nice place to be, however now more than ever with the ongoing health issues facing us all we have introduced a new aspect to all of our valeting options.

As part of the valet we will as part of the cleaning will be disinfecting and Alcohol wipe all touch surfaces to kick those nasty bugs out and then add our valeting magic to make everything sparkling clean and showroom fresh with the confidence that it is not just clean its disinfected as well.

We can collect your vehicle, do any work required (remember we can do anything from a service to much larger repairs as well) and return it to you, so you never have to leave the house or come in contact with us at any time, so you can make those essential journeys in a car you know is clean and safe.

Covid-19 - Image Courtesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/niaid/49534865371

We are proud to announce that we are expanding the area we cover for mobile air conditioning recharges and valeting our new area includes, Redhill, Reigate, Horley, Crawley, Horsham, Billingshurst, Pulborough, Amberley, Arundel, Chichester, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Angmering, Washington and Ashington, and all the areas in between, give us a call and we can arrange a visit, and of course you can come to the workshops in Horley if you want.

Surrey – 01293 822 483

South Coast – 01243 884 353

Now is the time to service your vehicle air conditioning ready so if there is a problem with it you have time to repair it before its to late and your rushing to get it done in the hot weather. Remember you use your A/C all year round not just in the summer.

As well as our own comprehensive workshops we offer vehicle air conditioning services to the motor trade, we can come to your workshop drain and recover the gas in the air-conditioning (as it is illegal to release the gas to the atmosphere) and when you have completed your repairs, refill the system and test for leaks all on site

We have a wide variety of systems to cover all modern and traditional aircon gasses including HFO-1234yf (R-1234yf), R134a & R12


If your car is less than 3 years old then chances are it uses the latest gas (HFO-1234yf (R-1234yf)) you can’t just refill it with the old gas either and main dealers are charging up £800 for it!! Sibot have invested in the latest gases and equipment and are able to recharge, refill or drain and refill for a fraction of the cost of main dealer price.

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