Shiny Silicone 500ml

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Polishes and Lubricates

Use it on most non porous surfaces

Pleasant Fragrance

Great for putting a shine on all plastic fairings and trim on your bike, quad or ATV, making them easier to clean in future and it is also an excellent dashboard and interior plastic trim spray, bringing a shine and light pleasant fragrance to your car interior.

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Jiz Shiny Silicone is a light duty cleaner, polish and lubricant with a fruity fragrance.

It can be used on most non porous surfaces to give a shine and as a light duty lubricant on rubber and plastic

Directions for Use

Spray directly onto the surface and buff to a shine with a microfibre cloth or similar, if overspray is an issue spray directly onto the cloth and buff.

WARNING: do not apply to braking surfaces, tyre treads or any surface where excess slip will present a hazard, remove overspray with a degreaser.

500ml 16.9FL oz

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