Quick Polish 500ml

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Ensures a deep gloss shine, specifically formulated to leave a fast and easy water resistant barrier

An excellent detailer spray polish that is quick and effective and effortless,

Spray on, leave a few moments, polish off with a clean dry cloth JOB DONE!!!

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Jiz Quick Polish is a premiium detailing wax polish based upon a blend of naturally ocurring waxes with silicone polymer.

Contains both carnauba and bees waxes for optimum durability and shine.

It can also be used on any painted surfaces to improve gloss and provide a water resistant barrier, and it is also suitable for use on chrome and plastic trim.

Directions for use

Shake can well before use, spray onto the plastic or metal part and allow to haze and buff to a high gloss finish, leaves no white residue.

500ml 16.9 FL oz


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