Quick Detailer 5lt

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A low viscosity easy to use emulsion polish developed for use on vehicle paintwork and other lustered surfaces which require cleaning without the traditional soap and water. This formulation provides a natural streak free lustre in seconds leaving a pleasant light perfume with no sticky residues or dusting. Designed to encapsulate any surface dirt to prevent scratching, leaving a deep shine.

• Effective and suitable for most surfaces.
• Cleans and polishes in one application.
• Long lasting lustre.
• No residual dust or streaks.
• Non-sticky.
• Lightly perfumed

25 Litre Container Also Available,
Data Sheet – Quick Detailer – Usage

Material Safety Data Sheet – T1435 Quick Detailer

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Shake Well. Straight from the container, apply to soft cloth and rub a thin layer onto surface being treated. Continue to gently polish surface until an even coating is achieved. Allow a few second to dry. With a clean cloth, buff to a deep shine. Do not use in strong direct sunlight. Repeat at regular intervals.

Do not use on floors.
Always test on a small hidden area