JZ43 Penetrating Lube with PTFE 500ml

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Leaves a non sticky protective film

Disperses Water

Protects and Lubricates moving Items

Similar  to WD40 in uses and applications but with the added benefits of being silicone free and added PTFE

Often also used as a water dispersant after cleaning to leave a clean, dry and lightly lubricated surface on motorbikes and ATV’s

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Jiz JZ43 lubricates, penetrates, protects and disperses water and even cleans, it’s uses are virtually endless.

This advanced silicone free formula contains PTFE for reduced friction and leaves behind a non-sticky protective film which helps prevent corrosion and seizure of metal parts

Directions for Use

Spray directly onto the component, when removign rusted bolts allow to penetrate for several minutes before attempting to loosen, re-apply if required.

Apply liberally to metallic surfaces and and polish with a soft cloth to clean and leave behind a thin protective film.

500ml 16.9 FL oz

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