Foam Cleaner 500ml

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Powerful formula lifts dirt and grime

Fresh Citrus Fragrance

Use on boots and body armour

As well as being a great product for keeping you helmet, pads and body armour clean and smelling great, Jiz Foam Cleaner is a great all purpose cloth interior cleaner for cars, boats, campers and other automotive and home uses.

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Jiz Foam Cleaner is designed to clean and freshen the lining of Helmets and other protective gear.

This formula lifts ingrained dirt and grime hilst leaving a fresh citrus fragrance.

Can also be used to freshen boots, body armour and other protective gear, also great for cleaning fabric upholstery in cars, campers, boats and coaches.

Directions for use

Brush away any excess mud or dirt before application, shake can well before use, spray onto areas to be cleaned and leave for a short period to penetrate the soiling, rub with a damp cloth turning frequently to expose a clean surface.

500ml 16.9 FL oz


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1 review for Foam Cleaner 500ml

  1. Scott Archer

    I used this to clean up the seats on my car after spilling some coffee on them, did a cracking job, good as new again

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