Dry Chain Wax 500ml

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High Performance Lubricant

Exceptional Anti-Fling Properties

Helps Prolong the Life of your Chain


This is an excellent “White Grease” alternative, and can be used for car door locks, hinges and many other automotive uses

and due to the nozzle design it keeps your fingers and the can clean, this also means the product goes where you aim it every time!

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Jiz dry chain wax is a high performance lubricant with exceptional anti-corrosive and anti-fling properties.

It is compatible with all chain ypes and contains extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to help prolong the life of the chain.

Directions for Use

Before use clean the chain with Jiz chain cleaner or Jiz quick drying chain cleaner.

Apply dry chain wax to all parts of the chain and leave for a few minutes to thicken

500ml 16.9 FL oz

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