Chain Cleaner with PTFE 500ml

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for all conditions and types of chain

Breaks down Residues

Specially formulated to remove used chain lube


Spray liberally on your chain,  watch the crud, old lube and tacky old lube dissolve away, allow to dry and relube!

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Jiz Chain Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove used chain lubricant, wax and grime quickly and easily.

The powerful solvent formula breaks down the residues whilst the aded detergents improve penetration into the chain linkages.

Chain cleaner is compatible with all types of chain.

Directions for Use

Before use protect pavement from potential oil staining by using a drip tray, cardboard or similar.

Apply liberally over the chain, wing arm and drivetrain area taking care not to contaminate the brake discs, pads or tyres with used oil.

Leave for 1 to 2 minutes to penetrate and break down the contaminates, agitate with a brush if required.

Rinse thoroughly with copious amounts of clean water, leave to dry for a few minutes before re-lubricating the chain.

500ml 16.9 FL oz

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