Brake and Clutch Cleaner 500ml

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Breaks down oil and grease quickly

Spray, Wipe , Go!

Dries to leave no residue.

Use on metal parts where degreasing is required as well as it traditional use on brake and clutch parts it is also useful for removing grimy fingerprints from glass and metal parts, and is a good general all round degreaser

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Jiz Brake and Clutch Cleaner is a blend of highly volatile, fast drying solvents designed to remove dust, greases and oils from automotive brake components, leaving no residue.

It may also be used to clean clutch assemblies, including calipers, discs and plates etc.

Directions for Use

Place a drip tray under the work area , shake well, hold can upright, spray onto the surface to be treated, and allow contaminated liquid to drain into the tray.

Agitation with a brush will assist in removal of heavy or stubborn contamination, flush spray until all contamination has been removed, and wipe away excess with a soft clean cloth, always work under well ventilated conditions, taking care to avoid vapour inhalation.

Avoid contact with plastic parts.

500ml 16.9 FL oz

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