Bike Spray with PTFE 500ml

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includes lubrication, water displacement, cleaning and corrosion protection.

With PTFE for reduced friction

An excellent all round cleaner and lubricant for your bike, a wipe over painted surfaces will displace water and protect it from the elements and as a light lubricant it’ll keep everything moving whatever the weather or wherever you ride!

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Jiz Bike Spray is a multi purpose product with Lubrication, water displacement, cleaning, corrosion protection, and penetration properties.

This product contains PTFE for reduced friction.

Directions for use

WashBike and apply Jiz Bike Spray to displace any remaining moisture, wipe over painted surfaces with a clean cloth

Suitable on all moving parts as a light duty lubricant, protect brake disks, pads and tyres from overspray as accidental contamination will severely limit braking perfomance

500ml 16.9 FL oz

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Available in 500ml Cans


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