Alloy Wheel Cleaner 5lt – Concentrate

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A highly effective acid cleaner for the removal of oxidation/rust and tarnishing on aluminium surfaces & ferrous metals. Suitable for truck bodies, alloy wheels, castings etc. Removes brake dust from vehicle wheels and neutralises surface rust. Also used in metal pre-treatment prior to painting and can be utilised as a descaler.

• Rapid Action
• Easily removes road dirt, grime and brake dust.
• Safe on most painted surfaces, metals, rubber and lacquered wheels.
• Effective in hard and soft waters
• Formulated with a powerful, synergistic combination of acids
• Biodegrades at low dilutions
• Leaves surfaces clean and un-pitted
• Does not contain Hydrofluoric Acid

Supplied as a concentrate dilute for before use.


25 Litre Container Also Available,
Data Sheet – Alloy wheel cleaner – Usage and Dilution

Material Safety Data Sheet – T1156 Alloy Wheel Cleaner

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Truck Body Cleaning: Use at up to 1 to 50 parts water via low pressure,
ensuring all correct safety procedures have been adopted. Allow a few minutes contact time and then remove with water jet.

Alloy Wheel Cleaning: Pre-dilute 1:10 in water and brush or trigger spray
liberally all over wheels. Allow a few minutes contact time, then rinse well.

Steel/Metal Treatment: Dilute up to 10:1 apply under low pressure or in a dip tank. Allow up to 30 minutes contact time then rinse and treat accordingly.

Some types of finish are not suitable for treatment with this product.
i.e. Anodised or varnished aluminium

Supplied as a concentrate dilute for before use.

25 Litre Container Also Available.