A/C Servicing

Air Conditioning Servicing is more than just a re-gas!

Firstly your vehicle’s air conditioning system will be connected to an RMS (Refrigerant Management System) which will remove, measure and clean the refrigerant in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. The RMS will then create a vacuum in the system to remove any moisture that may be present and to test for leaks.

If no leaks or problems are found the correct amount of new refrigerant, oil and ultra-violet dye will then be put back into the system. The ultra-violet dye is a fault finding aid: should your car’s air conditioning system develop a leak in the future, the area of the leak will glow under ultra-violet light: this will save you money on future leak detection.

Sibot Services have 5 Refrigerant Management Systems – 3 that are workshop based and 2 that are mobile, so either come to us or we can come to you!

Fault Finding and Diagnosis

leakdetectHere at Sibot Services we have many different diagnostic tools to help pinpoint the problem with your car’s air conditioning system. For example, to help detect leaks either an ultra-violet dye and lighting, or high sensitivity audio detection. Sibot also have a fault-code computer which plugs in to almost all modern cars and can read factory fault codes to help locate the problem.     

Pipework Corrosion, Splits and Fractures pipe

Should a leak be due to damaged, split or corroded pipework there are 2 choices – either replace or repair the damaged pipework. In some cars replacing a damaged pipe is not economical – a single pipe can run the entire length of the vehicle and require many man hours to replace it. Sibot Services can repair or make pipework as required to repair split, damaged or corroded pipes to manufacturers specifications.     


compressorAs the air conditioning system’s refrigerant carries the lubricating oil required by the compressor, loss of refrigerant can clearly lead to inadequate lubrication for the compressor. This can cause extensive damage to the compressor, but even worse when the compressor disintegrates debris travels round the system and damages other components!   The compressor is the heart of the A/C system!  

Condenser corrosion condenser1

The condenser shown here was suffering from corrosion which lead to the cooling core disintegrating. This in turn lead to the air conditioning system not functioning correctly due to the refrigerant not condensing and, at worst, leaking.  

Condenser Leak condenser2

The condenser shown here was leaking at the bottom corner. This allowed a steady flow of refrigerant to escape. It is very important to repair this type of failure as soon as possible as the loss of refrigerant results in inefficient air conditioning. It is damaging to the environment, and along with the loss of lubricating oils can result in damage to the compressor. 

Evaporator & Anti-Bacterial Treatment

pollenfilterblocked  Blocked pollen filters are a common cause of many problems, including bacterial contamination and evaporator corrosion. The pollen filter here was removed from a vehicle which also had the bacterial contamination shown below.

Fortunately the pollen filter was replaced and the evaporator treated before any further damage could be caused.   evaporator1Contaminated evaporators, as shown here, can lead to bacterial contamination and can also eventually lead to evaporator corrosion and ultimately a leaking evaporator.

The vehicle owner suffered from bronchal infections and had to be treated in hospital. The hospital took swabs from the pollen filter we removed and found it to be the cause of her problems. Her condition did not re-occur after our service.  

      evaporator2Here you can see the cleaned and decontaminated evaporator unit following a service by Sibot Services.         Finally the original blocked pollen filter was replaced with a new pollen filter.

A blocked pollen filter dramatically reduces airflow through the evaporator and so reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioning system and also reduces the airflow through the cabin of the vehicle. It can also accelerate evaporator failure.pollenfilternew