As well as there traditional uses on Car’s, Motorbikes and Bikes many of our products are used on ATV’s like Quadbikes and offroad karts, as many of these vehicles are chain driven all of our chain cleaners and lubes are excellent and great at keeping the muck off and really get to work when plastered in mud!

Here’s a few examples

Quad BikesChain Cleaner to keep the chain clean, JZ43 to keep the water out of electrics, Chain Lube to keep the drivetrain in tip top condition, Foam Cleaner to keep your pads and helmet clean and fresh, Crud Cleaner to clean off all the stubborn dirt and grime you’ve collected from your adventures, and once it’s clean a quick application of Quick Polish will stop the dirt and grime from sticking next time.



Many of our products as well as the advertised uses can be used just as well for other things, here are a couple of examples

  • Foam Cleaner, marketed as a freshen up spray for helmets and other protective equipment, it is also excellent as a cleaner for cloth car interiors as well.
  • Dry Chain Lube, a high performance lubricant for chain drive systems on bikes and karts but also works brilliantly as a “white grease” alternative for automotive and home uses keeping your locks and hinges moving freely and quietly

as we find more we will be adding them to this section